Lighting Studio

To date, it is very difficult to find at least one room in which there would not be a chandelier, a lamp or any other light source. We are so used to such artificial lighting that we do not notice at all the many different table lamps, lamps, chandeliers that surround us daily in everyday life. And after we think about buying a chandelier or a lamp, we pay attention to how diverse the lighting market is.

Decorative chandeliers and lamps can transform any room with their beauty, bring harmony and comfort to every home. Classic lamps can emphasize the richness and nobility of the interior, emphasize a particular detail, just become a highlight in the room. For example, a lamp for the kitchen serves as a constant companion of every housewife in the kitchen, and also improves the mood of the household and their guests. As for ceiling lamps, they not only illuminate well, but also give the room additional dimensions and volume. Lamps that have a lampshade create an atmosphere of home comfort and coziness in any home. Candlelight chandeliers will appeal to fans of romantic evenings and connoisseurs of antiquity. All modern products that have the appropriate design will complement and simply transform any interior in the Art Nouveau style. But already chandeliers are characterized not only by a modern appearance, but also by increased efficiency. You can decorate the ceilings with a hanging lamp. Well, the most functional and practical is the spot lamp, thanks to which you can independently adjust the level of light flux.

Our studio offers you the widest range of light sources from the most famous and proven manufacturers. Any chandeliers and floor lamps, which are so necessary in everyday life, will “get along” with the lamps bought by us in your house. They perform the role of both additional lighting and the main one. Functional and practical, bright and beautiful, for every taste and color, lamps bring a good mood and comfort to our life.

Now there is nothing easier than to buy a lamp on the Internet, just contact our studio. Here you can buy only the highest quality products at an affordable price. Only proven, reliable and popular manufacturers who have declared themselves to the whole world as the best manufacturers of lamps.

Our goal

To help designers, architects, business owners, real estate realize their fantasies and ideas, as well as minimize energy costs, additional costs for the maintenance of lighting fixtures, automate lighting control.

Our values are: striving for new things, innovation, punctuality, discipline, teamwork, honesty.

Studio light: simple and powerful techniques

Setting up studio lighting can seem difficult if you haven’t tackled it before. However, “the devil is not as terrible as he is painted.” Judge for yourself, just two low–power monoblocks and a few additional accessories – in a matter of minutes you get high-quality studio lighting. Perhaps working with studio monoblocks is even easier than with on-camera flashes.