Lighting Studio

Lighting design of residential premises
We help to correctly illuminate the living space, taking into account all the design and technical nuances.

Lighting design of public spaces
We are creating a project for lighting non-residential space, taking into account all norms and requirements. We make lighting calculations.

Lighting of commercial premises
We develop lighting for stores, creating conditions for profitable presentation of goods and increasing customer interest.

Architectural lighting
We design architectural lighting for any buildings, including country houses. We will perform the whole complex of works, from idea to implementation.

Custom-made lighting fixtures
We design and produce lamps according to your wishes. We create our products both for individual clients and for designers, implementing their bold ideas.

Installation supervision
We conduct your project to the very end and even after. We control the installation of lighting fixtures, configure control systems, etc.

How we work:

Getting to know you and your object. We discuss your desires and needs in lighting, we make up a technical task, we analyze the room.
We make a selection of the lamps necessary for your room. We determine their number and characteristics. We coordinate prices with you, make edits. We make specifications and estimates.
To ensure that the final result corresponds to the idea (lighting concept), we will carry out the installation on our own, or we will monitor the implementation of all processes by your team.
We make calculations, taking into account the layout, color and finishing features, dimensions, ceiling height. After the calculations, we create a lighting concept. We visually demonstrate the main ideas on lighting and arrangement of lamps.
We independently purchase equipment for you, check it for quality and deliver it to your facility for free. This is the only way we guarantee 100% compliance with the lighting concept.
In case of compliance with all the previous points, we give a guarantee for our work and provide free service in warranty cases. We are also always ready to help you with the repair and debugging of lighting equipment after the end of the warranty period.